Our Pick for the Best Portable Heater: Alpha Heater

The Alpha Heater combines an energy-saving heating device, an air purifier and a cooling fan all in one. A truly portable heating solution that warms up any space in seconds. It has an amazing modern design and is completely safe to use by the whole family. Best thing yet, it is now available for under $60.

Why Do We Need The Best Portable Heater?

Renting a flat and wishing you could reposition the radiators? Or perhaps you own your place and the heat is simply not reaching where you sit? Whatever your case, owning the Best Portable Heater will change your life! No more shivering away indoors during the winter months, stay warm and snug, wherever you go with the Best Portable Heater plugged in by your side.

How Does The Best Portable Heater Work?

The energy efficient Best Portable Heater could not be easier to use, simply position it where you like and plug it into the nearest socket. Set the temperature using the up or down arrows to a level that's comfortable for you and use the timer to decide how long you would like it to run for. Enjoy your home as it should be, a warm and cozy place to be.

How Buying the Best Portable Heater Can Improve Your Life?

The Best Portable Heater is the right heating solution for you if you:

  • Want to save you money by using power more efficiently
  • Need a direct source of warmth
  • Heat up any space instantly
  • Carry a portable heating device
  • A safe heating unit for children and pets

Where Can I Use a Portable Heater?

  • Small apartments without central heating
  • Not well insulated older homes
  • Large living spaces with high ceilings
  • Home office rooms
  • Other indoor spaces such as guest rooms or garages

Tips & Ideas to Use Alongside Best Portable Heaters

1) Make sure you set your best portable heater to a temperature that will allow the unit to function within optimal energy efficiency.

2) Once the heater reaches the desired room temperature, it will automatically turn off and use less watts of energy.

3) You also want to keep the heating unit as close as possible to enjoy the maximum amount of heat.

4) Avoid placing any objects on top or right next to the heating unit to avoid fire hazards.

5) If your heating unit has an air purification system, make sure you change the filters periodically.